14 Best Fall Shoe Picks for Girls

Fall is my favorite season for fashion. Everyone is so cozy and preppy and put-together; plaid reins supreme, decadent fabrics like velvet and tweed and cozy knits abound, boots and leg warmers and knee-high socks look less try-hard and more organic. By all of that, I mean, my kid looks put-together. I'm still over here rocking yoga pants and sweatshirts (Maternity sweatshirts at that. I know! I'll repent when I'm finished!), but at least one of us gets to be cute. In the grand tradition of creamy leather and suede in deep, rich jewel tones, we've put together your fail-safe guide for the most important part of your little girl's fall wardrobe. SHOES.

To be extra-conscientious of your preferences (read: to be super try-hard. It's fall, after all), we've broken our picks up into four easy-to-navigate categories: Fast Fashion, Handmade, Somewhere in the Middle, and Super Splurge. If you need 'em tomorrow, one of the first and third categories are your best bets. If you can wait anywhere from 2-6 weeks and love shopping small, Handmade is for you. If you got time and money to blow, I hate you, and Super Splurge is where you belong. Let's get on with it.

Fast Fashion


Somewhere in the Middle




[Super important: #12 is representative of the entire Emerald Moccs line. Super affordable moccasins in every color of the rainbow, from size 3 months to 3 years. We have them in every color!]

Super Splurge


Which ones are you ordering like, right this second? Do you need a list for little boys, too? Are you going to send a desperate email to any of these companies begging for any of these in your size [I'll sign your petition!]?

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