From the Mouths of Babes [...Comes Weird Stuff]

The last few weeks of pregnancy and a new baby makes for a lot of interesting conversations with a toddler- and our 2.5 year old hasn't disappointed! Strap in, mamas: FTMOB #2 is here!

Toddler [pushing on mom's huge pregnant belly]: What's in mommy? A little brother?
Toddler: ....
Toddler: Or a smaller brother?!

Dad: Theory, you're very pretty.
Toddler: Yes, I am!

[At Target, walking up to the checkout counter]
Theory: [to cashier] Hi! How are you? It's me- Theory Adler Barr!

Toddler: [crouching down behind dogs] Ooooh, look at all the buttholes!
*clasps hands in front of her chest like a damn Disney princess*
Toddler: They're so cute!

Toddler: This feels better.
Dad: What does?
Toddler: My head.
Dad: What? Why?
Toddler: I took my booboo off!

Toddler: Don't call me Theory!
Mom: What should we call you?
Mom: What about Pax? What should we call him?
Toddler: Becky.
Mom: Becky?
Toddler: Baby Becky!

Mom: We have two doggies.
Toddler: Yeah!
*counts on fingers*
Toddler: Salaami, and Puddle...
Mom: That's right!
Toddler:....and Pax!

[singing to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town]
Toddler: Paperwork is coooming to towwwn!

Toddler: [with mouth full of partially chewed cereal] There's something in Pax's hair!
Mom: *shudders* Well yeah...because you licked it.

 What LOL-worthy insights have your offspring shared lately?

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  • I was in Kohl’s a few nights ago with my 2.5 year old son and 6 month old daughter. We ran into some family friends that I’ve known forever. He says to them, this is my brother Isla! ?

    I left that house for a little while today and my husband texted to let me know that Brooks said “dammit, where’s Mom at?”

    Brittni Rothenstine

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