Gift Guide: Your Partner/Best Friend/Spirit Guide Who Puts Up With Your Nonsense + Loves Your Spawn

We're wrapping up this year's Gift Guide Series with some adult goodies [but not adult adult goodies...mostly] for that special someone who is down in the trenches with you, covered in diarrhea and zombified from midnight potty runs, requests for water, and urine-soaked pajamas, but still loves your loinfruit army just the same. Whether it's your partner, your BFF, your mom, or your babysitter, these unsung heroes should be celebrated and rewarded for dealing with all the crazy all year long- which is why this Gift Guide exclusively features subscription boxes that can deliver the love all year long.

Care/Of Vitamin Packs: Purchase a gift box for your friend, which will direct them to Care/Of's website, where they will take a lifestyle survey. Whether they are pregnant, nursing, looking to sharpen their memory or habitually sleep-deprived, a customized mix of vitamins targeted to enhance their life will be whipped up just for them and delivered in cute little personalized packets. It's never been easier to stay healthy [and also we're suckers for anything with our name on it].

Daily Harvest: Fresh, pre-assembled superfood smoothies are one of those things that feel a bit too indulgent to buy for yourself, but would make anyone feel like a holistic health guru after just one sip. Watch out though: you might just turn them into a sanctimonious, preach-y know-it-all who is constantly lecturing you about toxins. I'm sure you can overlook that, though [as long as they share their smoothies].

Once Upon A Book Club: What's better than a good book? A subscription box that brings books to life: in this monthly box, available in adult or young adult, recipients can expect a new book and mystery gifts that are unwrapped at certain points within the story to make reading a truly immersive experience. What better way to escape the mundane day-to-day of snack making and diaper changing?

Wonderful Objects: Each of these boxes, delivered once every three months, asks "What if...?" Teasers will begin to arrive in the mail long before your subscription box does, and once it finally does, a story unravels through the objects included that invites recipients to spend an afternoon daydreaming. 

SHTF Survival Box: Tactical, survival, and emergency gear for the guy [or gal!] who keeps a first aid, flat tire, doomsday, and alien invasion preparedness kit in their car. If nothing else, it'll get him outta your hair and into the woods for a few hours.

Bespoke Post: Select the kind of guy you're buying for, and let Bespoke Post do the rest, assembling a curated box of artisan tools and accoutrements to outfit his particular lifestyle. Choose the Churchill for the cigar enthusiast, or Mangia for the amateur chef, or....

Quirky Crate: Silly and whimsy for the fun-loving manic pixie dream girl in your life. Packed with flair and offbeat goodies, this box is sure to be a good time.

What's in Your Box?: Self-love and self-care tools of the trade for ladies. Female-focused in scope, with -ahem- all the ways you need to be cared for in mind, this box gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "treat yo'self".

Any other amazing boxes out there we should know about? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, we'll just be waiting by the mailbox...

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