Gift Guide: Your Toddler Who Refuses to Eat Anything But Spaghetti-Os + Is Obsessed with Stranger Things

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it's officially crunch time to get your holiday shopping done started, right? Hopefully you've been following along because we're giving you a helping hand with our easy-peasy holiday gift guide series.

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Toddlers are mercurial. My daughter actually changes her outfits [alternating between princess dresses and superhero capes, naturally] every 4.5 minutes [I really wish I was exaggerating], so figuring out what to get them a month in advance is hard- who knows what they'll be into come Christmas morning? The key is not leaning too hard into one interest [otherwise known as hedging your bets, because, not unlike Vegas odds, 2.5 year olds are volatile].

So, check out our Toddler Gift Chex Mix below and up your chances of hitting the nail on the head when the wrapping paper hits the floor:

1. Lovelane Designs Superhero set, $95: These original handmade capes and helmet sets are built to last, and come in a bunch of colors and themes, so you can find a sweet gift for any little tyke. Plus my petite little monster believing she is a superhero is something I want to encourage all day long.
BONUS: Lovelane is running a Black Friday sale and you can get this set at 20% off with code JOYJOY- but you better go now!

2. Miniland dolls, $29.25: True to form, I have a rant-y post coming up soon where I wonder aloud why, in order to gift my kid an anatomically correct baby doll, I have to import one from Spain, but I'll hold off on that for the sake of keeping the holiday peace. Miniland [yep, based in Spain] makes racially diverse and anatomically correct boy and girl baby dolls and I am here. for. it. Not only can my daughter see that a sexually-ambiguous rounded mound is not the genital-norm, she can begin to notice and appreciate differences between different ethnicities, because instead of just assigning different skin tones to the same doll mold and calling it a day, Miniland actually changes the dolls' features to be more in line with reality. 

3. Time period-themed alphabet books, $8-10: From the makers of the acclaimed Baby Lit book series, these alphabet primers have titles like A is for Atom [A Midcentury Alphabet] and M is for Monocle [A Victorian Alphabet] and teach your toddler about history as well as lay the foundations for reading. With tons of time periods to choose from, from the prehistoric age to the roaring twenties, you'll wanna buy the complete set.

4. A fancy baby pram, from $59.84 [new]: Whether you've got a little boy or a little girl at home, learning how to nurture and care for that brand new baby doll of theirs is a skill I'm thinking we all want our spawn to have, so you might as well do it up in style.

5. Uncle Goose blocks, $20-64: Uncle Goose blocks are my favorite, because there's a set for everyone. We own the constellation set, the Arabic alphabet set, and Theory's getting the flower identification set for Christmas. Up next on our list are the Women Who Dared and planet identification sets.

6. Omiebox, $39.50: If, like me, you're trying to bribe your toddler into finally pooping on the potty by reminding them that they have to be fully potty-trained to start going to pre-school, sweeten the deal with this award-winning lunch box. It's got all kinds of separate compartments and temperate zones to make giving your kid a healthy lunch simple, and my friends can't stop raving about it.

7. Rocking mammoth, $189.95: The toddler I currently have may be getting close to outgrowing a toy like this, but the one year old I'll have next Christmas is sure to love it, and this has quickly rocketed to the top [and let's face it- at this price point- sole] spot on my to-buy list for our little guy next year. 

What is on your list for your toddler this year? What'd we miss? Fill us in on all the best stuff in the comments!

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