How to Match Your Kid Without Looking Cult-y

What is it about making a tiny person that impels us to dress the same as them? This is my small human and the proof is in the overalls! Mommy and Me outfits for the most part are…cheesy? Overdone? Saccharine? Cheap looking? All of the above? Here’s the secret: Theory and I are almost always in Mommy and Me outfits, but they aren’t identical. Go for complimentary, not matching. That way you look put-together and, you know, like you’re actually trying, but you don’t look like you’re grooming your kid for any secret rituals involving hair braiding and virgin sacrifice. 


Duh. Obviously this is the easiest. Coordinate the colors of your outfits, or part of your outfits. For her first Thanksgiving, Theory and I both wore oxblood flats with bows. Just, for the love of Peppa, don’t coordinate every piece. Pink blouse, blue skirt, magenta flats x2 is two times too much. 


Wool sweaters, or velvet dresses, or even metallic accessories make for a statement. Theory and I are diggin’ the mirror-sheen finish these days, so much so that she tried to jack my purse. Girl, I’ll fight you. 



It’s fall, after all, and plaid is king. This kid has more plaid in her wardrobe than the law allows. Don’t match your plaids unless you’re Scottish, but do choose two patterns with the same color schemes and you’re good to go. 


I promise, you don’t need a graphic tee that says “Here Comes Trouble” and a tiny 2T version that says “Trouble”. Those sold-as-a-set Mommy and Me tees will make all of your friends roll their eyes, and I promise you’re the only one who will think it’s sooooooo cute! Instead, just coordinate your “vibe”. Cozy hipster sweatshirts with one bold word emblazoned across the chest do the trick.


Theory’s 2nd birthday party theme was “militant feminist” [no, I’m totally not kidding] and was a blush, white, and gold girl power slogan extravaganza covered in military stars and chevrons, so you know we’re all about the tailored military trend that’s taken over this fall. A dress jacket with brass buttons and cords for me, and a structured vintage jacket with ornamental lapel badges in complimentary colors for her give us an excuse to march around the house all day.

What other ways do you rock the art of subtle matching? Coordinating messy buns? Mommy-daughter necklaces? Tell us your totally-not-creepy gameplan in the comments!

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