Kids’ Room Art [that won’t make you wanna barf]

The art that is marketed to parents for nurseries is…awful. Pastel colors everywhere [or worse- primary!], the alphabet, redundant themes…It’s cutesy and infantile, and yes- I get it- it’s for infants, but that doesn’t mean it has to suck. Imagine if you and your kid liked the art in their nursery, and it could transition from a baby’s room to a kid’s room, and then [gasp!] even make an appearance in other areas of your house once the kids are gone? That means it’s time to invest in some seriously dynamic shit. We’ve got you covered; check out our five favorite artists for fun kids’ room art! 

The Black Apple 

Emily Winfield Martin is my dream BFF. Her whimsical, hopeful take on childhood is beautiful in all its forms from her children’s books to her prints. Our personal favorites are her series of girls with flowers in their hair. The proof is right in Theory’s nursery- they’re everywhere!

Liese Chavez 

Liese Chavez has long been one of our favorites. Her melancholy, slightly creepy girls give life to idioms in the most delightfully dark way. For a nursery, our recommendation is “Piggyback Ride”, a hysterical nod to the terrible twos and the constantly-unimpressed nonchalance only our kids could pull off.

Lord of Masks 

For my son’s nursery, I’m going for a mystical bohemian vibe with some otherworldly undertones. Enter Lord of Masks. Freaked out by the occult? You may wanna pass. Super into crystals, tarot, crystal balls, and faintly wish you could send your kid to Hogwarts, dangers untold be damned? His series of hands holding various mystical objects was the perfect spooky-but-not-too-spooky-for-a-baby touch.

Michelle Snyder Art 

There’s something seriously calming about the organic shapes and gentle chaos of Michelle Snyder’s abstract ink paintings. She only stocks a couple at a time, and they go fast, but who wouldn’t want a fuschia, blue + purple cloud undulating above their crib?

Lisa Chow Art 

Lisa Chow is the girl power artist of my feminist-raising dreams. All you need to know in order to know she’s the greatest is that she once had a kickass series called “The F-Word”. She imagines little girls in holographic, candy-coated worlds as astronauts, graceful divers, and so much more.

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