Momtents Under Pressure

How was your week, mamas? After a six day work week, I'm looking forward to frantically piecing together my daughter's Halloween costume [yes, I know I wrote a whole blog post a month ago about costume ideas. I'm only human over here!] and actually preparing for this baby we seem to have forgotten will be here in a few weeks [whoops]. What are you up to?

We've rounded up all the best mom stuff on the web for your enjoyment. Grab a [probably cold] cup of coffee and peruse this gold we've mined for you. You're welcome.



 Have you seen this story? How heartbreaking to adopt a child you thought needed a loving family, only to find they had essentially been stolen from their biological family. What would you do?

Presented without comment, except this: PREACH!
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An oldie but a goodie: My favorite piece of parenting advice ever, from the one and only Joanna Goddard [we do this with our daughter, and it works every time!]:
If your child falls, ask him, “Are you hurt or scared?” (Usually they’re just scared/shocked/embarrassed.) 

I feel this in my soul.
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I thought this perspective about not teaching our kids to say sorry was awesome and super useful.

The struggle is real.
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