Send This Holiday Wish List to Your Family [Part 2]

If you missed Part 1 of our holiday gift guide for moms, check it out here!

Continuing right along with all the stuff you never knew you wanted for Christmas, this week we're talking about lifestyle gifts. The best part about this category is literally anything and everything got thrown into it, so long as it wasn't mom-centric or fashion related [spoiler alert for next week's edition!]. We tried to keep it practical yet indulgent, affordable yet special, and we really tried not to throw any of the normal "Here's your gift mom" bath-set-that-will-never-get-used BS on here [although we admit to including one bath gift set just for tradition's sake]. Without further ado, copy this URL and forward it on to your friends and family who are struggling to figure out what to get the Girl Who Has Everything No Nice Things Because She Has Kids Who Ruin Everything.

1. A robot vacuum: This has been the #1 item on my wish list for two years now. Yes, it's boring and practical BUT YOU GUYS. I have a toddler, two dogs, a cat, and a husband and I wish I had the time or energy to vacuum every day because they are all disgusting. Less time cleaning=more time with your family [or drinking wine. You do you.]

2. A sassy umbrella: Why is it that despite our kids having cutesy rain boots and animal umbrellas we're always left using the free piece of crap our bank gave us last time we opened a new checking account with them? This one has the whimsy of French but the crassness you've come to expect here [Merde il Pleut translates to "Shit, it's raining"].

3. A kicky tote for the million things you have to carry around all day: If you look in my tote bag at any given time, I have diapers and books and about a thousand crumpled up receipts, all policed by free-roving Goldfish crackers. At least give all that junk a cute [but inexpensive- because, you know, it's gross in there] wrapper to float around in.

4. A flask: You know why. Put it in your cute new tote. Also, huzzah for AAM coral!

5. Cute cell phone cases: I rocked this cheery one for forever before I upgraded to the iPhone X [!!!] a few weeks ago and it became irrelevant. I've got my eye on this pretty moon phase fella to soothe my phone case breakup woes.

6. An upgraded toothbrush: Can a toothbrush be sexy? The answer is yes, because this all-black looker is making me feel some type of way. Let's face it, a fancy adult toothbrush, rather than that dingy frayed one you've kept just a bit too long, is just what the dentist ordered.

7. An over-the-top gorgeous mug to make your coffee break feel like a vacation: Just, for the love of god, keep it out of reach of those little angels of yours.

8. A block of Moroccan amber solid perfume: Why? Kids spill and break perfume like it's their job. But also, the exotic, warm scent and the impossibility of accidentally spritzing too much on yourself [you just rub these blocks on your neck and wrists to apply scent] make this gift a winner. It'll have your friends wondering what adventurous clime you just returned from [the answer is Food Lion. We're literally always just coming back from Food Lion.]

9. Flower bath: Have you ever taken a flower bath? Not only are they what Instagram success is made of, but how can you not feel hopeful and happy surrounded by flower petals and pretty smells? You can drop these sachets into your bath and steep in it like a sugar cube in a flowery tea, or you can cut it open and float around in a sea of gorgeous for a more scenic experience- don't say we didn't warn you though: if you go that route, cleanup is a killer.

The last installment of our gift guide, the fashion edition, is coming at you next week. Drop not-so-subtle hints to your loved ones until then!

[We'll be posting gift guides for other people after that, in case you're stuck on what to get your newborn, or your toddler, or your weirdo husband- we've got you covered there, too.]

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