Send This Holiday Wish List to Your Family [Part 3]

Finally, we've reached the last installment of our quintessential guide to what to get yourself [or ask the fam to get you] for Christmas this year! This week it's all about fashion. Cheeky, indulgent, and everything in between, our list is all you need to up your cute quotient for the coming year.

[Pssst...if you missed Parts 1 and 2, find them here and here!]

1. Expensive lingerie: If there's one thing we believe around here, it's that you're still allowed to feel sexy and be sexual even though you're somebody's mom. Word on the street is that Solstice Intimate's signature v-strap bodysuit even works great for nursing moms, and it's available in a ton of colorways to match your every shade of gray [yes, we did].

2. Not-so-expensive lingerie: Because let's be real- most things in your house get ruined pretty quickly. At less than $15, you don't need to sweat it.

3. Party dress: Appropriate for the holiday office party but also glam enough for New Years Eve [and loose enough to set your postpartum mind at ease], this dress should do nicely for the one night out a year you get.

4. Luxe socks: You may be the only one seeing them [because let's be frank: you're wearing them under your Uggs], but a step up from those basic white crew socks is sure to put a smile on your face.

5. Classic Hunters: Speaking of your Uggs, swap them out for some timeless Hunter rain boots every now and then. Perfect for rain or snow, they'll instantly put you in league with those effortlessly cool and breezy supermoms of Insta-fame. Bonus: they're made in about a billion colors- but obviously we chose AAM coral.

6. Premium sneaks to level-up your soccer mom ensemble: Handmade in Italy? Monochrome blush? Yes, please. 

7. Not-so-premium sneaks: Because soccer practice is muddy.

8. The ultimate mom jeans: Women everywhere sing the praises of Fashion Nova's denim. Affordable and accommodating of every figure, these aren't your mama's jeans.

9. The quintessential everyday bra: Apparently these bras are life-changing [I know you've seen their ads splashed all over your Facebook feed]. The secret is in the fit; make sure you take their perfect fit quiz to determine your true bra size. 

There you have it: our full guide to your holiday wish list! For the rest of this week, we'll be giving you our tips for your partner and kids, and, once December is in full force, we'll be helping you stuff stockings, too! Stick around for more holiday goodness!

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