Shake your mom-poms! It's a brand spankin' new link roundup!

Let's close out the year in style, with the highest quality momtent on the web, in our last link roundup of 2017!

You can say what you want, but you will definitely become this mom.

The struggle is real in my house right now.

In the days leading up to Pax's birth, my husband and I talked about this a lot. While there were some complications during delivery that made me fearful, I can't imagine going into it with these odds. We have to do better.

This was the most charming article I think I've ever read!

Do you drink babies?

Being a mama is sometimes a very heavy load.



I LOLed [for real] at this amazing video:
Parenting: you're doing it right.
What amazing pieces of mom-centric internet literature have you found lately? Let us know!

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