9 Mom Tees That Will Make You Feel Like a Badass

The only thing most moms love more than being a mother is talking about being a mother. We have advice to give and jaded chortles to dole out. We have 23,394 pictures of our spawn (no, really, this is how many photos I have in my camera roll right this minute) to show the first person who shows a (real or imagined) glimmer of interest. We have dozens of anecdotes that prove our kid is just, well, more advanced than the average two-year-old *shrug*. And sometimes we want the world to know that not only are we someone’s mother, but we’re not like regular moms; we’re cool moms. Enter this list.

  1. One of our all-time favorite tees and a subtle nod to our Instagram roots. You have to be a little hood to survive.
    Get the goods here.

  2. Y’all, let’s be real. Raising tiny people necessitates a certain amount of f-bombs. If you don’t drop one from time to time, you are a saint and should be treated as such. For the rest of us, there’s this shirt.
    Grab your own here.

  3. A reminder we all need from time to time.
    Shop it here.

  4. What’s more magical than creating life (except maybe wine)?
    Get it here.

  5. #Truth (and it’s on sale!)
    Grab it before it’s gone.

  6. Ride or die.
    Shop til you drop.

  7. Because really…aren’t we all?
    Don’t even try to convert the currency. It’s worth it

  8. The motherhood gets a bad rep.
    Get it before it’s sold out.

  9. But for real though. They’re savages.
    Score one.

There you have it, mamas. Go forth and proclaim your mom-ness, loud and proud, emblazoned across your boobs. 

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