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On not piercing your daughter's ears before she can consent. Yes!
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I'm over here less than two months away from meeting my second child, and the sadness is creeping in that my days as a mother of one, and all these special, silly moments we experience, just the two of us, are numbered. So obviously this made me weepy.

I hate to get political, but then again, it seems parenting in and of itself has become a political act. This article perfectly describes the panic parents feel when deciding whether to vaccinate.

This has been making the rounds on the internet for a few weeks, but oh man, is it important. The mental exhaustion of being a mom is so much more than the men in our lives realize. It's a full-time job all on its own!

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TBH, this kinda bums me out. I didn't eat my placenta, but it was definitely something I was interested in doing and just didn't have the balls to ask about [because I was embarrassed, not because I couldn't stomach eating my own organs, for the record].

YOU GUYS. Ian Somerhalder saying he basically impregnated Nikki Reed under false pretenses? Isn't tampering with birth control [i.e., "stealthing"] currently being considered for addition into the definition of rape? This definitely qualifies, too, then! *cue feminist rage*


This article about a young transgender girl is heartbreaking, but also gives me hope because her parents educated themselves and learned how to advocate for their sweet girl. 

Repeat after me: my daughter is not my property.

Last but not least, a two-fer: which side are you on? Team Go Dad or Team I Won't Pat You on the Back for Parenting?


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