Mothering is messy, and gross, and beautiful, and terrible, and incredible, and terrifying, and purifying, and everything in between. We have no shortage of adjectives here, but the one we keep at the forefront is real. There are no glossy filters and perfect vignettes, because that’s just not our motherhood. If you want the real shit, the good shit (and the not-so-good shit), honest engagement, periodic cursing, and a celebratory (if not sometimes a bit snarky) look at what it means to be a modern mama, join the club. Every mom needs a tribe; let us be yours.


Hi! I'm Danielle and I'm the mom behind As A Mother. I got sick of the over-filtered, super-romanticized motherhood dreamscapes that get shoved down our throats all day on Instagram. I love a good #shelfie as much as the next mom, and yeah, that perfectly framed shot of you gazing adoringly down at your breastfeeding newborn in a bentwood rocker next to an imported Ghanaian rattan vintage-style bassinet as sunlight delicately filters in through your macrame window treatment makes my ovaries ache a little bit. But come on- whose life is that?! I spent the entire night last night literally covered in my own spawn's vomit and excrement, all the while actually saying the words, "Its okay, baby, throw up on Mommy." 

I'm an educator, world traveler, polyglot, wannabe-crafter, and all-around basic bitch. I love PSL, a good third-row SUV, finding ways to bring up my kids in conversation, complaining about politics, Alabama football, and mimosas [on the rare occasion that I'm not pregnant]. My husband is the coolest, and our two-year-old Theory is just as weird as her name would lead you to believe. Our son Pax is due in December, and I'm already trying to coax my husband into knocking me up again shortly thereafter so I can justify buying a Honda Pilot. 

Take most things I say with a grain of salt. You know that mom friend who has all the answers? Yeah...I'm not that friend. But every now and then I come up with some good shit. Hang around for that.